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Where we are
Distance from Perth: 834Km Ways to get here? Further information can be obtained from Main Roads, Western Australia  Road by car around 10 hours drive.  More info from DriveWA. Bus Greyhound to Overlander Roadhouse Mon, Wed, Fri. More info HERE  Phone  1300 473 946 (There is a shuttle bus that will come out and pick up from Overlander, must be   booked! Ray White are happy to arrange. Ph +61 08 9948 1323  E-Mail HERE) By Air with Skippers Aviation:  Flies to airport at Monkey Mia - 10Km from Denham town. Best prices when you book 3 months ahead.  More info HERE Hire Car/pickup from airport: Ray White are happy to arrange.                         Ph +61 08 9948 1323  E-Mail  HERE A Local Town map is obtainable from Ray White offices.  
Shark Bay's Climate Shark Bay has a semi-arid climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The average annual temperature is 26.5º C, and the average annual rainfall is 228 mm. This mild climate is paired with a sometimes intense southerly wind, especially between October and April. However, the wind is great for water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and paragliding. A windy day in the Bay is an ideal time to visit the Discovery Centre, Monkey Mia or Hamlin Bay areas, or take a 4WD trip up the Peron Peninsula. There are plenty of wonderful things to do in the Shark Bay Heritage Region. Click HERE for more information. Temperatures and Rainfall Since Shark Bay is in the Southern Hemisphere, our winter is in the middle of the year and our summer is at the end. July is the coolest month, with an average minimum of just over 10º C and a maximum around 20-25º C. February is usually the hottest month, with an average minimum of about 23º C and a maximum around 35º C.  Click here for more climate details for Denham. Shark Bay's coolest months - from May to September - are also its wettest. July is usually the rainiest month, with an average of about 56 mm. By contrast the driest month, December, only gets about 1.3 mm of rain! December and January are the windiest months, with wind speeds averaging more than 27 km/h. Cyclone season is from November to the end of April, although cyclones are relatively infrequent. Today’s weather information for Shark Bay can be found HERE Other helpfull weather sites: http://www.eldersweather.com.au/wa/gascoyne/Denham www.willyweather.com.au www.seabreeze.com.au
Foodland Denham 1 Knight Tce, Denham WA 6537 (north end) Has some gluten free foods (08) 9948 1351 IGA: Tradewinds Supermarket Knights Tce (at roundabout on way in) (08) 9948 1147 Also Bakery, Butchers, Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels Surf and Souvenir shops Shark Bay Marine and Hardware:  Caltex 81 Knights Tce (08) 9948 1239 for camping gear, marine, auto, fishing and snorkeling gear.  See their website HERE It is best to bring some car and boat parts with you, as ordering them can take a few days. For those whose fish get away… Shark Bay Fish Factory Fish & Seafood Production &/or Processing 124 Dampier Rd, (Industrial area) Denham WA 6537 Phone (08) 9948 1352 or (08) 9948 1348
Community Facilities
Information can be found HERE
Mobile Phone Services
Telstra mobiles and USB modems work well in Denham and at Monkey Mia. Optus also works well. Other phone Cos services are not available currently, ie Vodaphone, Boost and others. Public Phones are on foreshore on Knight Tce, and up on Stella Rowley Dr. The Denham Telecentre and CentreLink Agency has internet facilities, photo printing, copy and laminating facilities and is open 5 days a week at Shop 4, 67 Knight Tce Denham Phone (08) 9948 1787  •  E-mail HERE The Telecentre website can be found HERE
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Boating Volunteer Marine Rescue Group : VMR Shark Bay vmrsharkbay@westnet.com.au   VMR 675   T: 08 99481376 Do not do skeds. Marine Radio 27.88Mg  VHF 16, UHF 88 Acrim Base for skeds: Channel VHF 16, UHF 88 DPaW (Dept. of Parks and Wildlife) Steep Point Base may also be on these channels. VMR Carnarvon T: 08 99413613 carnarvonvsr@westnet.com.au Most groups also monitor other frequencies such as 27.90MHz, 27.91 MHz and VHF channels 72 and 73 Dept Fisheries www.fish.wa.gov.au/fishing-and-aquaculture  Knights Tce,  Denham T: 08 99481210 Download the Recreational Fishing Guide pdf, and the Shark Bay Pink Snapper Rules pdf. Special rules and a separate license applies for Recreational Fishing from a Motor Boat, Rock Lobster, and Net Fishing in the Gascoyne Coast Bioregion. You can apply online, or in person, and must have your receipt with you while fishing. Your license will be posted and can take up to 14 days. Discounts and concessions apply. Best idea: Get your fishing license before you leave! Please Fish responsibly and sustainably, and have a great holiday! Health Shark Bay Pharmacy inside Newsagent and Post Office 51 Knight Tce, Denham  T: 08 99481220 For dispensation of prescriptions. If you are on medications, it is a good idea to bring sufficient supplies for your trip with you. Shark Bay Nursing Post  53 Hughes St, Denham T: 08 99481400  Opening Hours: 9.00am to 12:30pm - 1:30pm to 4:00pm Monday – Friday (Except for Public Holidays) The Silver Chain also operates a state of the art nursing post in Denham, Shark Bay where a nurse practitioner is available and doctors visit on a regular basis. http://www.gdc.wa.gov.au/contents/living-in-the-gascoyne/health-services.htm?id=106 What is a Nurse Practitoner? A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse educated to a master’s degree level and authorised to function autonomously and collaboratively in an advanced and extended clinical role. The nurse practitioner role includes assessment and management of clients using nursing knowledge and skills and may include, but is not limited to, the direct referral of patients to other health care professionals, prescribing medications and ordering diagnostic investigations. For more Info visit: http://www.nursing.health.wa.gov.au/career/np_what.cfm There is no resident Doctor in Shark Bay. The doctor visits twice weekly from Carnarvon Hospital on Mondays and Thursdays. http://www.sharkbay.wa.gov.au/your-services/environmental-health/ USEFUL PHONE NUMBERS Life Threatening Emergencies Only - 000 Police (Shark Bay) - 99481201 Ambulance (Shark Bay) - 9948 1535 Fire, Rescue and Chemical Accidents (Denham Fire and Rescue Service) 9948 1329 - Radio: VHF99 A local Phone book is kept at the house for your convenience. School and Public Holidays -Australia wide: http://www.publicholidaysaustralia.com.au/ WA Education Dept school terms: http://www.det.wa.edu.au/education/termdates/index.html